Piano Repair Services

Many piano repair services are provided no matter what area you live in. There’s nearly always some kind of musical instrument repair shop or store, and a quick internet search can help you locate your nearest repair technician. However, finding a technician who is certified to work with brands such as Bechstein or Steinway, Kawaii or other high end names is another story.

First off, if you don’t already know it, you’ll need to identify the make and model of your piano, just as you would your car if you were to take it in for work. The primary difference here is that often, it can be difficult to transport your piano to the repair shop. It is far more common for the technician to come to your home to perform the repairs. This is especially true as moving a piano can mess up any repairs that were just performed.

What’s Wrong? 

Next, do some research on what could be wrong with the instrument. Have you recently moved? Did something fall on the piano? Is a weird sound causing you to seek out a technician’s help? When you go in to the store or call them, you’ll need to describe the issue as best you can. This may be easier for a more experienced pianist, but if you’re a beginner, either putting in the time to try to figure out the issue or asking someone who is more experienced for their opinion is especially helpful.


Check too, that the repair studio you have identified has the proper tools if they are traveling to your home, or if they provide proper services to safely transport the piece to a quality restoration studio. The quality of the transport matters if your piano is going to be moved, because one wrong bump could set the whole thing off again and make matters worse.

After attempting to identify the problem, you’ll be able to narrow down your search for a technician, or perhaps there’s even a larger company, that can service your particular brand. This was, you’ll know to look for an experienced technician, one who can service your particular brand, and can help with your specific issue. Pianos, although beautiful instruments, can be finicky when it comes to repair.

Finding Repair Professionals

Narrowing down a technician who specializes in the kind of repair, or restoration and rebuilding that you need, it never hurts to check pricing. Because these instruments are so picky, and it requires an experienced technician to help truly fix the problem, expect that repair costs may be higher than normal, especially for more complex problems, or for higher end pianos.


The best kind of piano repair services are typically provided by smaller and family owned companies. A larger corporation isn’t very common for this industry, but the quality of service and the confidence in the work being performed can’t be matched to that of a smaller business. Many of the professionals in these smaller businesses will have just as much love for your instrument as you do, and they will be focused on fixing it so that it can be enjoyed again, not just making a quick sale.